Innovative lime solutions for  drinking and waste water treatment

Our lime is stable and reactive making it the best in the market which reduces usage and haulage costs.

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Lime solutions made easy

We manufacture high strength reactive liquid lime for the drinking water and waste water treatment sectors.

We use Limecure 50, a patented additive that solves the problem of settling product and blockages resulting in lower consumption costs.  

Our products:

Drinking water treatment

Puresol is Drinking Water Inspectorate approved. REG31 grade of liquid lime which is suitable as an alternative to caustic soda and saves 30%  on costs. 

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Industrial water treatment

Limesol is a high strength liquid lime for use in waste water and industrial water treatment. Its increased reactivity can reduce product usage by 20%


Create liquid limes on-site

LimeCure is a patented additive which allows for production of stable high strength liquid lime on-site.

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To see how our liquid lime solutions can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs, please get in touch to find out more or arrange a site visit.