Limesol the easiest way to condition digested sludge?

  One sure fire way to guarantee any sludge meets the Safe Sludge Matrix “Enhanced” grade is to add lime to increase the pH to a level high enough to ensure a 99.9999 or 6 log pathogen kill.

In the past quicklime (or burnt lime) was added to the sludge to attain an elevated pH and temperature, often difficult and certainly dangerous, this method was fraught with issues both mechanical and chemical in nature; high ammonia levels being but one!

Now in the 21st century we have a better solution (or should that be suspension?) Limesol® liquid lime, coming ready-made at 45% solids this high reacting lime slurry quickly raises pH to kill pathogens without the inherent danger of quicklime.

Limesol is easy to dose, either into the centrifuge feed or onto the cake belt directly, it mixes easily with the cake and produces a uniformly enhanced cake for direct agricultural use.

A simple but effective Limesol® rig can be set up in minutes, dosing direct from an IBC into the centrifuge feed or cake belt. Permanent installations are also low cost and very economic, often fully automatic and integrated into current operational control methods.

We can organize a field trial so you can see the results for yourself. We offer a flexible delivery service with IBC's or bulk to suit your requirements.

Contact Derek on 07903 615205

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