Limesol is a high strength 45% liquid lime for use in effluent and industrial water treatment applications.


What is different about our liquid lime?

We use the patented LimeCure 50 additive to produce 45% Limesol with the following benefits:

  • Increased reactivity results in significant savings around 20% from lower product usage.
  • Lower viscosity for easy handling
  • Lower haulage costs due to high concentration
  • Minimal settling reducing blockage and cleaning problems from traditional slurries
  • Reduced scaling leading to reduced downtime, lower labour costs and hazards from cleaning
  • Minimal settling allows effective handling in IBCs allowing easy to use dosing plants


How does this work?

The reduced agglomeration from the use of the polymer additive in the manufacture of Limesol creates a smaller particle size, an increased surface area and higher reactivity.

The increase in reactivity reduces the usage by between 20% to 30% when compared with equivalent products in the US trials.

The decrease in agglomeration results in no scale forming.


Limesol is suitable for:

  • pH correction
  • Sewage and sludge treatment ensuring pathogen kill
  • Fluoride removal
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Improving DAF performance
  • Phosphate removal

To see how our Limesol can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs, please get in touch to find out more and arrange a trial.