Why liquid lime is cheaper than Caustic Soda

Can you save money use Limesol 45 in place of Caustic Soda? Current market rates for 32% Caustic Soda are in the region of £270 per metric tonne (pmt) in 1,000 litre IBC’s, equivalent to nearly £400 pmt at 45%.

I can guarantee a price significantly less than £400 pmt for Limesol 45 liquid lime, and due to its divalent nature an additional 7% efficiency will be given when switching to a lime product.

Overall you can expect to save 20 - 30% on alkali costs by switching to Limesol 45 liquid lime, additional benefits may also be realised by lime being a natural flocculant; reducing ferric or aluminium based flocculants

Limesol 45 is highly stable, low settling, highly reactive and low viscosity, making it an ideal alternative to the costly and harmful Caustic Soda reagent, often all that is needed to use Limesol is an IBC stirrer as Caustic dosing pumps are often compatible with Limesol 45.

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