Mini bulk deliveries pioneered by Alkali Solutions

Many of our customers don't have the space or need for large bulk storage silo's of up to 30,000 litre capacity, yet their usage demands more than can be economically serviced by 1,000 litre IBC's, which can be expensive when all the deposit charges and cleaning costs have been factored into account.

In addition the added time and cost of pumping over from a 1,000 litre IBC can be an unwanted extra burden to the effluent treatment plant and its operators.

In order to satisfy this 'Mini-bulk' sized delivery requirement Alkali Solutions have commissioned the manufacture of two 6,000 litre tanks with delivery pumps and a bespoke road transport trailer.

The tanks are loaded using an accurate flow-meter with between 4-6,000 litres depending on the order volume required, connection is via industry standard 2" bsp or 2" cam-lock fittings, and a 2" pump is used for Limesol transfer into the customers tank.

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