LimeCure is a patented additive which allows the production of stable high strength liquid lime resulting in multiple benefits. 


Benefits of using Limecure 50:

  • Create higher performing liquid limes on site
  • Reduce raw material costs with lower burnt lime consumption
  • Reduce scaling due to the anti scaling properties of Limecure 50
  • Reg 31 for use in water and food applications


Developed by Applied Specialties Inc of the US specifically to manufacture high performance liquid limes such as Limesol and Puresol.

Suitable for customers who wish to produce their own milk of lime on site from calcium oxide dosing with Limecure additive will improve plant performance. 



  • Site trials
  • Technical customer support
  • Dosing Plants
  • Innovation
  • Vendor Inventory Management



Drinking Water & Food Sector


  • Caustic soda alternative for safer and lower cost design
  • Potable water softening for water utility companies
  • Water softening for food applications
  • pH control in food fermentation processes
  • Phosphate removal


Sludge Treatment

  • Post anaerobic digestion treatment for final pH control
  • pH control and pasteurization of treated sludge prior to agricultural use as a fertiliser
  • Sludge matrix compliance


Industrial Effluent and Waste Water treatment


  • Fluoride precipitation
  • Heavy metal removal in metal processing
  • pH neutralization in industrial effluent plants and mining processes
  • Elimination of CODs and BODs on brewery DAF effluent plants
  • Post AD plant neutralisation in distillery effluent plants 


Spray Dry Absorbers

Limecure additive is used prior to the hydration of the oxide – this creates the following benefits:

A finer particle size reduces unreacted lime by providing a greater surface area for reaction

  • Lime demand is reduced by around 30% in most SDA applications to date
  • APC dust quantities are reduced by the same tonnage as the lime reduction
  • Off gas concentrations improved
  • Scaling is reduced both in pipes and sprays
  • Reduces outages due to blockages providing and improved environmental performance

To see how LimeCure can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs, please get in touch to find out more and arrange a trial.