Alkali Solutions offers Limesol and Puresol in 1,000 litre IBC's

A typical Limesol IBC with Stirrer Limesol and Puresol high strength lime suspensions can now be delivered customers who prefer to use IBC's for convenience. Alkali Solutions products can now be obtained in 1,000 litre IBC's with a ‘direct to customer’ service from our Derbyshire plant.

Our ‘direct to customer’ service provides customers with freshly filled IBC’s as well as a free return on the truck that delivers. Alkali Solutions will wash out all IBC's before refilling so customers can be sure that they are only getting the best product each delivery.

Trials have demonstrated that Limesol settles slowly and if left can be re-suspended easily using a low cost IBC mixer. We recommend that if IBCs are left for more than a week they are stirred before use.

If you have an IBC liquid lime or caustic application, please contact us for more details;